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LED PAL 2000 for Concrete Pools
The PAL 2000 are manufactured using high quality moulded thermoplastic with a range of unique features. Supplied with transformer and colour changing LAU LED globe. LAU globes have 6 single colours and 2 colour change modes to choose from as well as 3 selectable default modes.
Colour Lock LED Globes. Can provide 6 fixed colours, 2 colour effects and 3 Selectable Start Colours.

Compact Size. 84mm Diameter.
Flush Fit to Pool Wall.
Even Light Distribution, moulded prismatic lens.
Long Life Lamp. No Tools Required to remove the light from the water.
Non Leak Water Seal.
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Installation Instructions for PAL-2000RC Retractable Fitting in Concrete Pool's/Spa's using the PAL-2000RC

  1. Locate the position for mounting the PAL-2000 fitting at the centre of one end of the pool or the centre of both ends if required. If the pool is an irregular shape the fitting should be located in a position to obtain the best light spread in the pool. The fitting should be placed 300mm below the water level or 450mm below the top of the pool to enable the retractable part of the fitting to be taken out of the pool if the lamp in the PAL-2000 has to be replaced.
  2. Fit the PAL-2000RCA concrete wall housing into place in the steel work using wire to secure the housing into position with the mounting lugs around the housing. Ensure the PAL-2000RCA concrete wall housing is Level and Square with the pool wall and there is at least 170mm from the front of the concrete and the back of the housing to ensure the PAL-2000RC light assembly can be glued in correctly when the concrete shell is complete. NOTE: There are 4 lines on the housing indicating the approximate position where the front of the concrete should finish allowing the light assembly to fit correctly. (4x Construction Lines shown below).
  3. After blowing the wall and concrete is set, trim the pipe down to flush with the wall as shown below.
  4. Before the pool finish is applied the PAL-2000RC should be glued into the PAL-2000RCA assembly using PVC glue to seal and locate the fitting into position.
  5. With the fitting in position in the Concrete Wall the Pool Finish can be applied up to the front face of the fitting as shown on the assembly drawing. Note: The disposable Lens Cover fitted to the PAL-2000RC will protect the fitting while the finish is being applied. The protective lens cover is replaced by the normal lens cover supplied with the PAL-2000RC when the pool is ready to be filled with water.
  6. 6. The PAL-2000 Transformer is IP64 and can be mounted in the pool zone. Find a suitable position to mount the transformer ensuring it is a minimum of 1.2m above the maximum water level and the transformer must be installed to comply with AS3000.

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