Design & Planning 

Create a plan

Creating a plan on paper is the best way to decide what lighting you want where. Your plan may be as simple as a rough drawing on a piece of paper. The important thing is that your ideas are put on paper so that later quantities may be easily defined.

Make a list

Make a list of the Lighting Effects you want to include.

List the features in the garden you might light. Choose carefully, you can not highlight everything!

What would look the best lit. Try to visualise how each feature will look from different standing points in the garden, ie. does the statue suit up-lighting, silhouette or shadow lighting?

Draw on your plan the features you have chosen to light and the placement of the lights.

Next choose the light fittings and lamp sizes 12 volt Lights Note the lamp sizes on your plan.

You will also need a Transformer and Cable. Check out our Cable and Transformer page for help.

Still need help with you lighting plans and ideas? 

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