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Bring your garden to life at night with a number of lighting effects!

You can achieve these lighting effects with the effective use and placement of our 12 volt outdoor garden lights

Accentuate certain areas of your patios and gardens
Experiment with beam angles, wattages, and colours to achieve even more beautiful effects
You are only limited by your imagination


Create areas of light and shadow on a large specimen tree or dramatic plant. Place the fittings 'in-ground' for lawn or paved areas, or spiked in the ground and angled up-wards for in garden sites.

This effect was achieved with a 12v Garden Spotlights and 35w Halogen or 5w LED lamps. 

Silhouette Lighting:

By placing a light fitting between an object of interest and a wall, and directing the beam onto the wall, you can create a dramatic silhouette of a plant, pot, or statute, adding depth to a small garden. It creates a focal point with a sense of drama and romance.

A 20w Halogen or 1.5w LED lamp creates this excellent result. 

Column Lighting:

Narrow or very narrow spot lights will send streams of light up or down textured columns. These may be fitted at the bottom, the top, or in between depending on the look desired.

In our range of products we often have matching 240v fittings so that your electrician can replace the existing fittings on your house to match your new garden lights.

We have found that 20W halogen or 5w LED lamps provide an excellent effect.

Path Lighting:

There is perhaps nothing more beckoning than a well-lit garden path. Circles of light cleverly create atmosphere for a path, driveway or entrance when placed 8’-12’ (2.4-3.7m) apart. As an added benefit, path lighting provides a safe walkway and adds to your home’s security.

Path lights and bollards come with recommended lamps offered.

Area or Moon Lighting:

Placed 8’-12’ (2.4-3.7m) apart, area lights provide subtle light to a low garden, shrubbery or ground cover. As a rule the recommended lamp is the best to achieve this effect.

Security Lighting:

Feel secure while creating an evening stage for your driveway and home.

Rather than flood-lighting everything and blinding visitors to the house, paint a picture with light, highlighting the architectural features of the house and garden.

A few well-placed lights is much better than one all covering beam.

Step Lighting:

Embedded in the wall, step lighting can be unnoticed by day but appreciated by night.

A range of surface mounted step lights allow for lights to be added even after construction. Simply drill through the wall and fit the wire inconspicuously on the other side.

The lamp size depends on the step and the effect you wish to create in the rest of the garden. We have found it best to use smaller lamps as it is easy to wash out other effects by being blinded with reflected light from the pathway surfaces.

Wall Scalloping:

Use spot lights placed 12”-16” (30-40cm) from the wall to provide an aesthetic enhancement to stucco or stone wall. Trellis-work also looks fantastic lit in this manner from behind.

20w Halogen or 5w LED lamps are sufficient to produce this effect.

Shadow Lighting:

Positioning a spot or flood light in front of an object will project an enlarged image onto a wall or flat surface. The light fitting needs to be place at the right distance and angled correctly to gain this effect. With experimentation this can easily be achieved.

Try a 20w lamp to start with and change the angle of beam or wattage if required.

Tree Lighting:

By snaking a cable part way up a tree and hanging a pendant you can create a beautiful effect as light filters down from above, filling the whole tree with light, all the while creating leafy shadows on the ground below.

A 20w Halogen lamp is fine for a small tree while larger trees require more wattage. 

Wall grazing:

By placing a wide angle lamp at the base of a wall and grazing the beam across the wall, the stucco or stone wall texture is enhanced. Care needs to be taken in this application, so that the beam does not shine in your eyes, as you move around the garden.

20w 60deg Halogen lamps give a fine effect in the home garden.

Need some more ideas or help with what lighting effect is best in your garden?