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Questions about Light Fittings

Q. Do the Lights get hot?

A. Yes, but some get hotter than others.

For example, a garden light with a 50 watt lamp fitted will get particularly hot , therefore don't use these in unshielded areas where people or pets might stand on them; if in doubt use a recessed light with a protective grid over the lens or stick to 20 watt lamps for a cooler lens temperature.

Likewise, spotlights with 50watt lamps and upwards get particularly hot when they've been on for a little while; you should wear a good pair of insulating gloves (such as thick gardening gloves) to protect your hands when adjusting spotlights.

Q. Do copper lights go green after a short while?

A. No. It usually takes a long time for copper garden lighting products to acquire a verdigris patina. This is a chemical process which takes time unless the copper is subjected to chemical catalysts such as polluted water or garden sprays. Copper lights will usually acquire a natural-looking mottled brown finish after just a few weeks outside. If you want the verdigris finish, spray two or three times a week with a copper fungicide such as Benlate to hasten the process. If your copper lights turn green and you prefer the natural brown weathered appearance, clean them with bathroom limescale remover and let them weather again naturally.

Q. How do I care for my Light fittings?

A. To maintain the appearance and performance of your stainless steel fitting it should, as required be cleaned with a non-corrosive cleaning product such as "Steel Kleen Eziwipes" or "3M Stainless Steel Cleaner". While cleaning always follow the polish or brushing lines.

Copper is a natural high quality product, durable and attractive. It offers good resistance to harsh marine atmosphere, saltwater, alkalis and solvents. Copper darkens to the preferred patina effect with time and in itself needs no maintenance. The lens should be cleaned as required.

Powdercoated copper provides a durable finish which should be cleaned as required with a non-corrosive cleaning product such as diluted household dishwashing liquid.