With DIY Garden Lights you can install outdoor lighting yourself!

  • It's easy and safe.
  • DIY Garden Lights will help you understand the design process

  • Inspires you with beautiful effects you can achieve

  • Gives you all the instruction and support you require to DIY Garden Lights.

Why light your Garden?

  • The time you can enjoy your garden is limited by darkness

  • You can create a whole new aspect to your garden, an entirely different garden look and feel.

  • Security, - Now you can have security lighting whilst enhancing your home and garden at the same time.

How easy is it? - Simple

The development of 12 volt lighting systems has improved the safety and cost of installing a lighting system. 12 volt cable is extremely safe and presents no danger to gardeners, children or pets. It is flexible and enables features and areas to be lit, which previously would have been inaccessible or too expensive.There is no need to dig deep trenches all over the garden. Extra low voltage landscape cable is designed to sit just under the surface of the garden.

To Begin:

Checkout the Lighting effects page to be inspired by the effects you can create in your garden.

Review the DIY Design page to finalise your design and work out what fittings, etc you require

Browse through the Catalogue and select your fittings, lamps, etc. Use the shopping basket to select what you would like, and see what the cost will be. The Order will not be placed until it is submitted. Perhaps you might even contact us with what you are thinking of, as we often can help you save money in some interesting ways.

Read through the DIY Installation page to get ready to install your garden lights when they arrive.

Select a nice wine and enjoy your garden at night!

'DIY Garden Lights' offers simple, high quality, lighting, at a price to suit your pocket, and an installation method so easy that you can do-it-yourself.

If you do require further help, we can design and arrange installation for you.


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