At DIY Garden Lights we recommend Silicone filled Connectors as one-step is all it takes to create a secure waterproof connection.

UL 486D listed and suitable for use in low voltage landscape lighting systems, silicone filled wire connectors are the number one choice for landscape lighting installations as no pre-twisting of wires is required.

For use in damp, wet, raintight, and submersible locations. (Note: Not to be used in continuous submerged situations.)


Instructions for use:

  1. Strip wires.
  2. Collect all the wires to be joined together -no pre-twisting of wires is required.
  3. Align the ends together.
  4. Twist the connector onto the wires, pushing firmly until hand tight. Do not over torque.
  5. Wipe any sealant that comes out in and around the connector bottom.
  6. Secure with electrical tape to reduce risk of the connection being accidentally pulled apart. (Optional)
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  • Small Waterproof Cable Connector
    Size: 11.11mmx21.43mm
    Use:Connects single 4mm to light fitting lead
    NZ$ 0.94
    Out Of Stock
  • Medium Waterproof Cable Connector
    Size: 16.67mmx23.81mm
    Use: Connect up to 3x4mm Garden Cable
    NZ$ 1.09
    Out Of Stock
  • Large Underground Wire Connector
    Easy to apply, pre-filled twist-on wire connectors
    Swept wing design is built for comfort and efficiency
    Perfect for 4mm and larger cable projects.
    Maximun capacity 20sqmm
    100% Silicone-based sea...
    NZ$ 1.12 EA
    Out Of Stock

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