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What do I need to buy for my DIY 12 volt lighting system?

[1] Light fittings:

Select your 12 volt light fittings from the product range below. The fittings you select will be placed in your shopping cart and can be remove or changed as you like. Remember to select the lamps (light bulbs) you wish to have fitted in your fittings. .....for more information about Lamps see FAQ

[2] Cable:

Work out what size and lenght of cable you need to order  Cable product list

Don't forget your connectors. You need 2 for each light fitting and 2 to connect the main cable to the transformer cable. Also if you are going to 'tee off' a secondary lateral cable, you will need some extra  connectors.

[3] Transformer:

Add up the wattage of all the lamps (light bulbs) used in your light fittings. Then add 20% and select the right size transformer 


Select your light fittings