Bertland Plain Bricklight - GRILL
Ideal for lighting stairs, pathways and walkways to provide a clear and safe walking environment indoor or out.
Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
This recessed LED integral bricklight is cast from high grade die cast aluminium with a frosted glass lens.
Wire direct to mains power supply.
Driver is integral in the body.
Comes pre-wired with 500mmL cable.
Optional Mounting box available LL8200.

Lamp included: Yes
Air / Moisture Transfer: Closed
IP Rating:IP66
Technology field: LED
Colour: White or Black
Mounting Type:Recessed
Downlight Classification:IC-F

70mm Height.
252mm Wide
Cavity depth:76

Total lumens:324
Colour temp: 3,000K
Power supply:220-240V

Control gear: Included

Also available on our website with a Grill.
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NZ$ 213.52 including GST
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