DIY Installation

First of all, have an electrician install an outdoor power-point in an appropriate place The electrician will connect the power point to a power source depending on how you have decided to have your garden lights switch on and off. (see How you will turn off and on your Garden Lights? )

12 volt Garden Lighting DIY Instructions

Install the transformer

    1. Install the transformer on a wall of the house, the garden; shed; or a fence post, close enough to plug the transformer into the outdoor power point, and more than 300mm above the ground with the cable terminals on the bottom of the transformer. There is a cord and plug attached to the transformer which will plug into the outdoor power-point transformer.

    2. Make sue you unplug the transformer before continuing.

    3. Place each light fitting in its approximate location.

    4. Run the cable out laying it in reach of the lights. Make sure that if the cable is going under a path or the like that this is done now! (See FAQ- How do I get cable under a path )

Connect cable to transformer

All the transformers come with a short length cable of 12 volt cable attached. You will need to connect your main cable to the trasnformer cable and then run the cable around the garden ready to attach your new lights.

Light fitting installation

Begin fitting the lights. We find it best to begin with the light closest to the transformer as this means that you will not run yourself short of cable.


1.Cut the cable where the light cable is to be joined

2. Split cables


3. Strip wries using the connector as guide for length. (note: strip wire about 5mm shorter than connector)

4. Gather together one wire from each pair of cable and twist on the connector.

5. Tape to secure. (optional)

6. Repeat step 4 and 5 with other wires

7. Tape cables together to secure and make the join easy to cover.

 8. Repeat with each light fitting down the line. The end light is connected to the end of the main cable 

9. Plant the lights where you want them and adjust the vertical tilt if needed. 

10. Test: When all the lights are installed to your satisfaction, plug the transformer into the outdoor power-point and test the lights to ensure everything is operating correctly. If not see ‘Troubleshooting’ below.

11. If you have a timer, set it now. 

12. Conceal cables under the ground, bark, gravel, etc. 

13. At dusk, fine-tune the aiming angles of the lights.

14. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and enjoy!


None of the lights work: 

  • Check that the transformer is plugged in correctly.
  • If a timer switch is controlling the transformer check that it is ‘on’.
  • If a Sunset Timer is controlling the transformer check that it is dark enough for it to operate (cover the sensor with a rag or tape).
Only some lights work: 
  • Check that a connection has been made to the main cable. 
  • Check that the lamp hasn't fallen out during shipping or installation. 
  • Check that the lamp isn’t blown or broken in the light.

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