What options are available with LED technology?

LED or light-emitting diode technology is the latest advance in the lighting industry. This is developing because of an international push for greater energy efficiency.

There are two ways you can use the LED technology:

1.  Replace light bulbs

Now nearly every 240 volt light bulb you have been using has a replacement LED produces the same light output but uses much less electricity. Go to product range

When replacing 12 volt lamps with new LED ones you need to know what type of transformer is supplying the power.

There are two types: Wire-wound and Electronic

Wire-wound are heavy and usually power more than one light in a circuit, most often used with Garden Lighting. Just replace the Halogen lamps with LED Lamps and add more lights so the transformer is loaded at 80%. See our range

Electronic are light in weight and usually there is one transformer for each light, the usual installation inside with down-lights. In this case the Electronic transformer needs to be replaced with a LED Drivers. This can be done by replacing the transformer in the first light of the circuit with a driver large enough to power all the lamps and then remove the transformers from each of the downstream lights so the 12 volt power runs through the existing cable.

One point to note: Some LED lamps only work on DC (direct current) power. Some transformers only supply AC (alternating current) power. This incompatibility will make

2.  Replace Light fittings

Secondly you can replace old light fittings with new LED ones that have technology installed during manufacture. See our product range.


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