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The products below have LEDs built into them, however if you can not find anything you like, take a look at the 12v Garden Spotlights as all of those fittings can be fitted with LED lamps (light bulbs) Garden Spotlights

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  • LED Spotlight
    This accent light is ideal for highlighting a plant and can be hidden in a pot plant to give and excellent effect
    Produces a narrow 20 degree beam of light 1000lux at 300mm.
    Runs on 12v AC this 0.75...
  • 1.5w LED Garden Spotlight
    This new LED light fitting will highlight plants and trees with a 40 degree beam angle.
    Available with warm white, blue or green lights you can add drama and colour to your garden as never before.
    NZ$87.34 EA
  • 3w LED Stainless Steel Spot light (240v)
    This 240v accent light will up-light a tree or garden feature with a wide 50 degree beam of light. It uses a Cree brand 5.5w LED producing 270 lumens.
    Constructed in 304 Stainless Steel and a glass l...
  • 5.5w LED garden Spotlight
    This accent light will feature a statue or the like with a narrow 25 degree beam of light. It uses a Cree brand 5.5w LED producing 200lux at 1.50m.
    Constructed of high grade Die-Cast Aluminium, a gla...

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