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  • Moulded Housing
    NZ$ 21.85 EA
  • Stainless Steel Rim
    NZ$ 47.15 EA
  • PAL Coulour Touch WiFi upgrade module
    Plugs into the PAL Receiver/Driver unit to give control of your lighting system via WiFi on your APPLE or ANDROID Devices
    NZ$ 257.60 EA
  • PAL LED Colour Touch -light only
    Requires PAL Colour Touch Receiver/Driver
    Even glow, no shadow
    Wattage: 3.4w

    Optional Stainless Steel Rim available
    Niche avalable for concrete pool construction
    NZ$ 598.00 EA
  • PAL Receiver/Driver
    PAL 2000 Colour Touch power and control unit
    Comes with remote controler with a 70m range
    Compatable with PCT-2 home automation systems
    Wireless colour touch technology.
    Wi-Fi control upgrade avai...
    NZ$ 598.00 EA

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